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5 Ways To Protect Your Pets During Arizona Summers!

how to protect your pet during arizona summer heat

The summer heat can be dangerous for our loving pets. They need some extra care and protection. Read here for tips for keeping them safe in the hot Summer!

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The heat has arrived! You know what to do: hydrate, dress cool, and stay in the shade. But what can we do for our fur-babies? All of us at Barefoot Organic Carpet Care love animals and we know many of our loyal customers do too. So we did some research to find out the best way to protect our pets during the intense summer heat. The findings honestly surprised us a bit! So we thought we would share what we found. 

5 Ways To Keep Your Pets Cool In The Arizona Summer Heat

1. Protect Their Paws

Imagine YOUR feet on the hot pavement! Pet paws are just as tender. It might be a temptation to put shoes or booties on their feet. However, dogs actually cool themselves through their paws. So covering their paws can keep them from cooling off. The best solution: stay in the shade or on the grass. It’s good to remember that it’s easier for us to keep cool than for them. So if it’s hot for us, it’s even hotter for him. Find the shade!

2. Hydrate!

Hydration for your pet is vital! This is a critical way that they stay healthy in the heat. If you’re going to spend a day out, make sure you pack more than enough water, for you and for them!

3. NEVER Leave Your Pet In The Car

NEVER. Not with the car running. Not with the windows down. Some who have moved here from out of state might have been able to do this, even for just a few minutes, in the climate they moved from. Arizona summers are a completely different story. Please don’t underestimate the danger of leaving your pet in the car. Fatal illness can happen far more quickly than many people realize! Temperatures can spike inside a car in an instant. NEVER LEAVE A PET IN THE CAR!

4. Rethink A Haircut

Dogs cool down differently than humans. They don’t release heat through their skin like we do. So while it may seem that their fur would make them hot, it is actually a protection for them. Air gaps between their fur and their skin creates a lower temperature air pocket that keeps their body temperature cool and protects their skin from the blazing sun, similar to what a sun umbrella or hat does for us. So instead of shaving your dog, focus on regular brushing, grooming and thinning out a heavy undercoat.

5. Be Alert To Signs Of Heatstroke

Obviously, our pets can’t tell us when something is wrong. So, look for sudden or dramatic changes in your pet’s appearance, mood, behavior, or habits. Odd behavior or a change in mood may be their way of telling you something is wrong.  Pay special attention to pets that are overweight or have existing chronic health problems. Some things to look for:

Panting, which increases as heat stroke progresses.

Drooling, salivating.

Agitation, restlessness.

Bright red tongue.

Very red or pale gums.

Increased heart rate.

Breathing distress.

Vomiting, diarrhoea (possibly with blood)

Listlessness or lack of normal focus

Loss of coordination

If you feel your pet may be overheated, cool them down with a cool bath, or cool wet towels on their back. Let them drink as much water as they want without forcing them. Contact your vet as soon as possible. More tips can be found at

Let’s keep our babies safe!

5 ways to look after pets in arizona heat

Animal People Are Our Heroes!

May we also take this opportunity to show our appreciation to everyday heroes that participate in pet adoption. Pet parents, volunteers, foster parents, and shelter workers. So many sweet animals deserve loving care and an opportunity for a forever home. Thank you for doing your part to make that happen!

Are you interested in adopting a pet of your own? Would you like to look into opportunities to volunteer or foster? There are so many locations that provide an excellent opportunity to get involved and help out. Here are three options that come highly recommended!

952 W Melody Ave

Gilbert, Az 85233


[email protected]

1102 W Hatcher Rd. 

Phoenix, Az 85021


[email protected]

25 North 40th St.

Phoenix, Az 85034


To contact by email, find the ‘Contact Us’ page on their website and fill out the contact form.

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