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Are Your Carpet, Upholstery and Mattresses Causing your Allergies? (Quick Tips to Help!)

Common allergies affect many of us. How can our organic cleaning services help? Find out here…

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We Can Help!

What an amazing winter and spring we have had! The air is clean. The desert is blooming…. Many are sneezing. Yes, unfortunately with beautiful rain and flowers comes pollen and allergens. Therefore, many in the valley are experiencing worse than usual allergies. Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, headaches, and sore throat can all be symptoms of seasonal allergies.

We You Can Do?

If you are suffering from these symptoms, what can you do? Of course, seeking medical advice is wise to help support your immune system. But did you realize that there are practical things you can do within your home to reduce your exposure to allergens? Here are a few ideas.

  • Vacuuming thoroughly and slowly in multiple directions can pick up twice as much as a quick once over. Why not take those extra couple minutes?
  • Air filters are critical in keeping the air in your home clean. Try getting in the habit of every time you pay your mortgage trigger a reminder to change your air filter.
  • Deep clean your carpet. This can flush away common allergens that have settled downward.
  • Steam clean furniture, and mattresses. These are a place we love to cozy up but dust, pollen and dander love to live in those condensed fiber areas too.
Allergies & sensitivities

What We Can Do For you

Our systems use 200 degree water plus powerful organic solutions to completely flush and rid your home of those microscopic allergens that have settled in deep. This is something the “dry cleaning” or “low moisture” methods can’t do.



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