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Did you Know?


Don't unintentionally VOID your carpets warranty.


Most Manufacturers offer you a warranty on the carpet you purchase.   There are several things a carpet cleaner can do to void that warranty.




Use an IICRC Certified Technician to clean the carpets.


Use hot water extraction method




Use optical brighteners like Resolve,  I am always shocked when I see cleaners offering this. This can void your warranty!



Carpet Cleaning

Every Carpet Cleaning Includes




Here is a list of items you can expect for the price you are quoted over the phone.


Every Carpet Cleaning Includes -


• Professional & Respectful Technicians – Owner Operated

• We will start by discussing your areas of concern.

• We will set up guards to protect your home and furniture from scratches around corners and walls during the process.

• Pre-Vacuum to remove the dry soil.

• Organic Pre-Treatment of All Areas Cleaned:  Contains Hot, Concentrated, Powerful Organic Solution to Break Down Soil

• Agitation of Carpet Fibers to Loosen Soil

• Hot Water Rotational Extraction Method: Getting carpets up to 10 times cleaner than our competitors using a wand

• Powerful Truck Mount Hot Steam Extraction System

• Concentrated Enzyme Treatment for Up To 3 Urine Spots

• Retreat and Extraction of Stubborn Spots

• Groom Carpet (Stand carpet fibers up for faster drying)

• Use of Powerful Air Movers - Upon Request

• Provide Shoe Covers – To prevent re-soiling while drying.


Give us a call!  We would be happy to tell you more!




Additional Services Offered


On-Site Area Rug Cleaning

            Price Based on Size and Fiber

Remove and Replace Furniture (includes tab and blocks)

Some exclusions apply such as electronics, some antique furniture, etc. (Call for Pricing)

Pet Odor and Stain Removal using Organic Concentrated Enzymes (Call for Pricing)

Bottle of Natural Carpet Spot Remover – $12  (future refills $8)

For those accidents in between cleanings.  (Pet Stain or General Spotter offered)

UV Vacuuming – $12 Per Area (up to 250sf)

            Proven to kill 99% of Influenza A (H1N1), MRSA, E. coli, Bed Bug Eggs, Dust Mite Eggs























Along with your cleaning we give you a FREE one-time return for an accident that might happen prior to your next cleaning. (valid on orders over $300.00)


Example: In a month after your carpets were cleaned you have a dinner party and someone spills a glass of red wine on your carpet.  Just give us a call right away and we will come out for free to treat the stain.  No obligation!  Just our way of saying thanks for being our customer.

EPA Suggested Carpet Cleaning Schedule


This information is from The Unites States Environmental Protection Agency. This is a suggested guideline. Actual soil conditions and cleaning processes may require a varied schedule.



The Equipment we use

Our Advanced Wand        |     Their Wand

The Rotovac DHX

The Rotovac DHX reduces the task of extraction carpet cleaning to an easy one-handed operation


In just two minutes the Rotovac produced 3,000 multi-directional cleaning passes


The cleaning results of the Rotovac are dramatically superior to the wand

The Revolution Wand

The Revolution Wand was designed to create more airflow which allows it to remove twice as much water when compare to traditional wands.


This means faster drying time for you and a better overall cleaning.


6 Spray jets dispense the super heater water from our truck mount system

More Details about the Revolution Wand